Community Connection Nominations

The Nominating Committee (including the owners, Teacher Representative(s) and the Head of School) is now accepting nominations for this year’s The Wild Community Connection. Nominations for the 2019/2020 school year will be accepted until Friday, October 18th, 2019.

We welcome all nominations and strive to create a diverse and balanced roster of applicants that accurately represents our school’s demographic. Our goal is to see that every parent has a voice on The Wild Community Connection and is given the chance to become actively involved in enriching the educational opportunities at our school. Nominations can be submitted by filling out The Wild Community Connection Nomination Form below. You may nominate as many candidates as you choose; however, you must use a separate form for each recommendation.

The Wild Community Connection members will be announced on November 4th, 2019.
Thank you for supporting our Community Connection!

The Wild Community Connection Position descriptions

PRESIDENT: Officially appointed by the Board of Governors, Head of School and Teacher Representative(s). This individual is responsible for leading all of The Wild Community Connection related events and the organization of members. Oversees and coordinates the work of the Community Connection board to run effectively and is present at all Community Connection board meetings. Adhere to the school’s yearly agenda for the Community Connection, and aid in achieving the outlined goals. This position will serve as the main contact, communicator and representative of the Community Connection. Works with other Community Connection leaders to connect families, school and community to support student success. This role will be an active member on the School’s Board of Governors (once established) as the Parent Representative. This person will be representing the opinions of the parent body.

TREASURER: The person appointed to administer and manage the financial assets and liabilities of The Wild Community Connection. The treasurer is an elected officer and the authorized custodian of all funds raised by the school involving the Community Connection. They will keep records and prepare reports to comply with local, provincial, and federal laws.

SECRETARY: The person appointed to assist with correspondence, keep all records pertaining to The Wild Community Connection, make appointments, and carry out similar tasks. It is requested that this individual attend all Community Connection related events and meetings.

FUNDRAISING CHAIRPERSON: The person appointed to plan and organize fundraising activities. This individual will assist in planing and organizing all Community Connection fundraising events and activities. Develop or review current fundraising strategies. This also includes meeting with the Head of School to clearly define fundraising goals and objectives. Responsible for organizing and recruiting volunteers, collecting donations & submitting funds to the Community Connection treasurer.

EVENT CHAIRPERSON: The person appointed to provide leadership and ensure the successful operation and execution of events. Works with the Community Connection committee, to plan, organize and execute The Wild Community Connection activities. Oversee all events from start to finish. Leading community outreach objectives and recruiting volunteers to assist with events and Community Connection based activities. 


The Wild Community Connection Nomination

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